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A Little Help with Jolla

Table of Contents: Introduction Enable Developer Mode Extend battery life by disabling the buggy NFC detection Share your Jolla Internet connection Fix the broken “From:” field in outgoing emails Add your own shortcuts to FingerTerm Force FingerTerm to source .bashrc … Continue reading

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An Object Is What the Object Does – Or Is It?

It’s been a while since my last blog post and earlier today I came across a post that started a thought process I just had to write down. This post is based on the blog entry titled ““Testing vs Checking” … Continue reading

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Standards and Best Practices in Testing

This is my response to two closely related texts written by James Christie. The first one is James’ article Do standards keep testers in the kindergarten? and the second one is James’ post titled ISO 29119 the new international software … Continue reading

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Physics, Testing and Academia

The Introduction I just read the Science Daily article: Quantum Physicists Show a Small Amount of Randomness Can Be Amplified Without Limit and, while reading, it occurred to me that quantum physics seems a bit like the context-driven approach to … Continue reading

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ParkCalc done differently

The third testing dojo was organized on Tuesday, May 31st in Helsinki. It was also the last testing dojo before summer break. We will be back in August! In the earlier testing dojos the format was really simple: Pairwise exploratory … Continue reading

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Tea-time with Testers

New software testing ezine The fourth issue of a new software testing ezine called “Tea-time with Testers” was released earlier this week. It is an interesting ezine – especially in that only a total of four issues have been published … Continue reading

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Why it is good to cut some slack

Lazy, lazy Little over a year ago, I had a slow day at work. There was not much to do and even the few tasks I had were not of high priority. I was a bit bored since it was … Continue reading

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