STPCon, Las Vegas, Oct 19th – Oct 21st

I just realized I hadn’t added this little piece of information in the blog:

I will be participating in the Software Test Professionals conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada on Oct 19th – Oct 21st as a panelist in a panel discussion related to a book project about reducing the cost of testing that we’ve been working on with a number of people for several months now.

Here’s a quote of the panel discussion summary from the STPCon website (see link below the quote):

The constant pressure to do more with less, shrink the timing cycles, increase efficiency and decrease cost in testing can be a total drag. After all, if we want to reduce cost, we could just not test at all, and see what happens. But if it weren’t said as a vapid cliche – if there was some actual meat on the idea, maybe we could see some benefit. This panel discussion brings together experts in the field, the contributors to the “Reducing The Cost of Testing” book, to discuss how we can respond to the challenge of reduced cost with integrity and success. You’ll go home with more than ideas to reduce cost; you’ll have a balanced view of the real cost of those tradeoffs, and you’ll have tools to discuss with senior management in a reasoned, articulate way.

Direct link to the full details of the session: Reducing the Cost of Testing (panel discussion). Yes, I know, I’m not listed due to late confirmation of being able to attend, but I’ll be there!

Other panelists, besides myself, in the discussion will be: Matthew Heusser, Selena Delesie, Lanette Creamer, Catherine Powell and Justin Hunter so be sure not to miss out on this, it’s going to be a blast!

If you’re coming to the conference, I would love to meet with people live so, please, don’t hesitate to come and say “hi”, for example right after the panel discussion.

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  1. Jim Hazen says:

    I’ll be there too. And I’m presenting “The Secret Skill: How to Sell Testing”. And I’ll be there for the panel discussion as well, I won’t be on the panel but I’ll definitely be participating.

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