This blog is the result of several years of thinking about starting one and its purpose is to share my passion for software testing with the world – hopefully in a way that someone out there will find useful or inspiring in their own professional life.

I expect that I will mostly be writing about my thoughts (sometimes even just pure, unfiltered thought stream) about software testing, my esteemed colleagues (some of whom are the reason why this blog exists in the first place) and how I see things could be improved in the world of testing and IT in general.

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog but please, don’t hesitate to contradict me in case you disagree with something I write – I would absolutely love to read well-argumented opposing views so I can either expand my understanding about how other people see things, or to refine my own views based on the counter-arguments I’ve received.

Talking about myself, I’m a software testing enthusiast with a little over 6 years (at the time of starting this blog) of experience in testing, before which I did some coding for about 5 years. I strongly associate myself with the context driven school of testers (see Context Driven Testing for more info) as I believe in sapient decisions made based on the situation at hand over adhering to some nicely named, defined process that lets you add yet another acronym to your resumé (I’m not saying those are bad, so don’t get me wrong here, they’re just not for me)…

…In fact, if you ask me, the only best practice around would be to stop using the term ‘best practice’.

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